I Want It


The $’s What I Need Baby

Let his mind wonder when you’re gone
And if you let it ring for like a couple of times
He’ll be thinkin’ bout what got you occupied
This money, money, money
Put no nigga before your money
Money, money, money
And that’s what had this nigga holdin’ on
His ex bitch ain’t really comin’ strong
He see me rollin’ round on my grown shit
I made it real clear that I owns it
Its no fair
Fair, fair, fair
Bitch that nigga ain’t goin’ nowhere

Deeper Than Rap

I bought a mansion in the Bahamas with the all red walls
Snatching lobster out the water, every butter for my dawgs
My bitches got ass if they don’t we go and get it
Six wheel G wagon, let ’em wrap it with the ribbon
She can take a selfie in it for that head, the bird give it
Took me down for questionin’ ain’t said a word in it
First 48 I coulda had a role in it
Chopper make ’em say ungh, pussy boy no limit
I can make a bitch a star hashtag me a ex
If a pussy be the best, we let ’em know that’s via text
Set tools on my body, head down to my legs
Cash rules everybody ’til they make it to the FED’s


Yo Tengo Muchas Pistolas, Cabron

A lot of motherfuckers ain’t know I was Puerto Rican
They thought I was black ya heard me
I come on the front of the Narco Trafficante
I get to telling them motherfuckers “Yo mato por nada”
They like “What that mean?”
I had to tell em’, that mean I kill for nothin’

Who ya Tryna Fool

Chill with the act, my nigga be you
Strapped in yo Instagram pics but that don’t mean shit, what’s a gun if it ain’t being used
Lurking on these streets, in these traps
Niggas better be strapped
Niggas out here plotting on ya, be prepared to dump back
Whoop a nigga, gotta murk em payback it’s closed curtains
Yeen bout that life, my nigga hollow points’ll have your soul searching