Ride on Your Enemies


Hood Pope from The Hungry Ham

asap fergYou the son of a bitch nigga, your daddy a broad
You a bitch, little bitch nigga, probably wearing bras


Spray it at Them then Reload

To all my former fellow New Yorkers about to hop on the train to the City this morning, I know you’re itching to tell that annoying person shoving you over or squeezing in that tiny place next to you that you KNOW is just too small for that ass: FUCK OUT MY FACE. Ah how I miss these mornings, you knew you were gonna see some crazy shit on the train whether it’s a bunch of kids swinging from the handle bars trying to make a buck; or that dude that just has to let you know that Jesus is here to save your poor miserable soul (as long as you drop a dollar in the hat); or better yet, when a fight breaks out cause someone accidentally looked at that chick that’s not taking crap from NO ONE wrong. So, whatever it is that you’re doing, whatever outrageous thing you see on your way to work this a.m. just make sure to TURN UP, put in that work and let’em know: