Throw up a jet life or peace sign, and then an Eastside,
Stare in the mirror turn the lights out and say my name three times
And I appear through the smoke
Andretti, Andretti, Andretti in the Nissan



Got Me Walking Like Oswald Cobblepot

The Sky ain’t the Limit

You see I learned something vital with my whole career
Just watching. observing things over the years
A secret that I don’t think that I’m supposed to share
But I don’t care cause if they kill me, I was never here
You see, the truths been hidden under your nose for a long time
The only real power is the one over your mind
So once you seek control of every little thing you do
Start to unlock the potential that’s inside of you
Don’t you get got or cell blocked
Thinking the world’s dark and hell’s hot
My only hell is being enslaved ’til I’m in the box

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Holdin’ Back but Never Holdin’ Out

Bitch i’ve been doing this for thirty
The hair on my face says i’m a dominant man with no regards
Catch ya boy on Queens Boulevard
Sunk in the seat of something classic
Sittin’ on the floor like a gypsy in a basket
Damn i’m a bastard


Term Brady & Action Sanchez

Cause false moves get your whole face smothered like soul food
Right by the waist I got the Pro Tool, it’s simply logic
Produce this hard dick in seconds, make your bitch massage it
You’re like a forty dollar holler from Guadalajara
Gushing to scamma motherfucker’s ain’t promised tomorrow
Badges of honor on the chest the flesh got wounds in it
Got inmates with assholes that got balloons in it


AquariUS > Blowing the Candles

joey badass

And I’m a hot nigga
Cause where was OG Bobby Johnson
To tell young Shmurda that he had some better options
You wanna blame the streets that adopted him
Or the doctrine that got his mind so boxed up in
And I don’t judge, but there’s no one to blame but us
And that’s the truth, but it’s always swept under the rug


Bada$$: The flow like Plenty Lava