Nothin Personal

“I used to spend five dollars on the weed/ A 40 ounce with the other half—every day/ Starving myself for the hunger of a buzz.”


Cozz à Effet

Now a days a nigga looking like a living blessing
I’m living better
Hoes getting clever better hide your wallet
Stash shit and watch it, got you a smash and its dash
But she got her hands in your bags
Causing weight loss to your pockets I guess
Nowadays I’m looking like a target, Fuck a blessing I keep the bible by my side

Nothin Personal is out January 4th 

Knock Tha Hustle- Cozz (ft. J. Cole)


“Cause I’ve been in this hood dog for way too long man
I’ve been quiet for way too long
Been patiently waiting can’t wait too long dog
I’ve been broke man for way too long
No hot water for way too long
You can’t knock the hustle it’s way too strong
Yeah we’re way too strong”