Craig Jamieson Mack – 1971-2018


Life of a Hot Boy

R.I.P. Trentavious White a.k.a. Bankroll Fresh (August 2, 1987 – March 4, 2016)

La Semaine en Image


Coward Hearted Individuals Never eXist


Nigga due to all my circumstances
Had no choice but roll the dice, had to take them chances
Till my homies leave the can they just tuna fish
No money yours, it’s for the fam, just get through the shit
Youngins dying nowadays dressed up in the ghetto
The struggle up out the system, these crackers turn you to Gepetto
I’m loading up in that hoopty to catch a 187
I flipped and got me a Rolex, preacher got the same Bezel
What the fuck, some nights I couldn’t sleep cause Satan woke me up
Been through shit that make you cry, have you choking up
Find yourself in the darkest places loading them nines
Tryna grip your mind, searching, you search what you find
Came up with jack shit up out that wishing well
Left with this black skin and a digital scale
I pray I be ok when I grow up a little bigger
If I don’t, tell my babies daddy was a real nigga

Gangsta’s Paradise

Bruce Washington Jr. (1977-2015)
Bruce Washington Jr. (1977-2015)


That’s my only weakness, I love my niggas. — Hussein Fatal

Slow Down Don’t Crash

But how am I supposed to say I’m tired
If that girl from West Virginia came up in conditions that I couldn’t survive
Went to war, came back alive
On top of that became a female black captain
When being black you had to extra extra try
Way before James Brown made us proud
She bought a crib on the same street as Marvin Gaye
Right there on Outer Drive, and she taught me how to drive
And she raised the kids, then the kids’ kids, and she did it right
Taught me how to love, taught me not to cry
When I die, I hope you teach me how to fly
All my life you’ve been that angel in disguise