Fuck with No Brand Names

What’s a Lil Pump to a rocket flame?


4AM Flex

Views From a Real Piru

Married to the game, “I do”
I’m ridin’ through in that chicken coop
‘Dem birds in it when I’m slidin’ through
Can’t finesse a brick like I do
You lil niggas can’t walk a mile in my footsteps
Pussy, we don’t wear the same size shoe
Punch him in his face, feed him chicken soup
Surgeries in that institute
Record his ass while I whoop his ass
And put it on my album as the interlude
My circle tighter than an inner tube

Survival of The Littest

Leave That P**** Dead

La Mémoire est un Animal

Here, chanson pour survivant :
Le corps y est encore,
Mais comme témoin, comme trace – j’ai ramassé mon visage en revenant.
Here, chanson pour survivant,
Colère offerte à tous les vents.
Si je suis violent, c’est par petits indices – tatouages, cicatrices.
Here, chanson pour survivant,
Parce que ma bouche, c’est une ruine ;
rien que la vérité,
rien que des mots contondants.
Here, ici et maintenant,
Ma gueule cassée a pris racine,
Et on la visite en silence comme on irait flasher un monument,
Selfie de morceaux, de muscles et d’accidents.
Here, chanson pour survivant :
Se venger, ça sera sans cesse, tout le temps.

Out To Re-Up…

… made another killing in Reno
I couldn’t leave her until I paid a visit to P.O
Too much tequila, I had too much tequila
They cuffed me like I was single, fuck it I’m back to Henny
Thank the lord, didn’t kill me in the elevator
Wasn’t my time, saved my soul, save it for later
Cheat death that day, never played fair
Roll stress all day, blow it in the air