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Talent, looks, intelligence, Pharrell seems to have it all. The Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire (Singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, designer & philanthropist) who has 7 GRAMMY’s, is now the proud owner of the 537th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here’s one person who defnitely doesn’t have time to be frontin’  (Pha-Real !!! smile emoticon).  Anyways, puns aside, here are 14 songs featuring Mr. Williams:

“(…) Happiness should not just be a temporary phenomenon, and it should not be limited to just one moment in 2014. If we can connect on this level, we can connect on others, like accepting each other’s individuality and working toward a greater sense of well-being. We all need to recalibrate our self-awareness based on happiness, or we won’t know who we are or what we stand for. Only then will we realize that there’s always a reason to smile, we can make social progress and we can truly become a global nation.
With almost a billion views combined, I hope the “Happy” video continues to inspire humanity and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not found over the rainbow or in some mythical place. It’s around the corner, dancing down the street with no cares in the world.
Our time on this earth is not infinite. We need to welcome any opportunity to smile and can’t afford to waste one second. There’s real purpose in our desire for happiness — it’s not silly or even selfish to pursue it. So yes, it might sound crazy what I’m about to say, but it’s my responsibility to repeat it. Go ahead, feel like a room without a roof. No boundaries, no limits, no restrictions. Dance like no one’s watching, smile like love and believe that happiness can change the world” Pharrell