I grind like this So I can shine like this

They wanna see me fall
And I will never sell my soul
I’m on some shit that they ain’t seen before
Dream chasin’, catchin’ all my goals
I don’t need these hoes
I’m gettin’ money, me and all my woes
Play with me, you know is all out war
The young niggas goin’ all out for us


War Pain


F*** Being Humble


Got The Streets Talking


Kill ‘Em With Finesse

I took a turn pussy boy, pick up a book and learn
Have your ass in a church before I end the verse
Rims on the whip got it looking hypnotic
Stuffing money in my pockets as you niggas watching
Crocodile python, all my ice on
And ain’t nobody fucking with me while the mics on
She so ecstatic when I fuck her with the lights on
I feel the same when my niggas send the kites home