It Ain’t Safe

I break a bitch, like Chyna did Rob


Just Ordered Me Some brunch


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Tryna Go Out on A Wave

I think you should just get dressed and go out tonight
Go out tonight
Order you a drink, don’t even overthink
Call a couple friends you know you can have some fun with
And go out tonight, go out tonight
Cause you might just meet me

Who ya Tryna Fool

Chill with the act, my nigga be you
Strapped in yo Instagram pics but that don’t mean shit, what’s a gun if it ain’t being used
Lurking on these streets, in these traps
Niggas better be strapped
Niggas out here plotting on ya, be prepared to dump back
Whoop a nigga, gotta murk em payback it’s closed curtains
Yeen bout that life, my nigga hollow points’ll have your soul searching