Fuck Everything Else


Saw You In The Corner…

Now pay attention

I know you heard about me
Walk mellow talk mellow, plus I’m quiet as fuck
My exterior composed, but inside I’m a nut

And after drinks and a blunt, I’m redesigning your strut
Got you rewinding and take, wiling and smiling and such

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Vice City

Feed the needy, don’t know graffiti, paint on walls like a cartoon
Beat the pussy up so bad, send her home with some war wounds
Loaded up the jack, hit her from the back
Goin’ ‘cross her head… bar stool
Touch her soul ’til I curl her toes, then it’s time to reload
Then it’s part two


I pull up and park, hop out and swag
Grab the Glock out the trunk, other Glock in the stash
Just a regular nigga, with no chains or nothin’
If I do get some shines, you try to snatch
There’s repercussions, and concussions
You know what’s after that, end of discussions

Look Both Ways


These waters are murky, crocodiles they lurking
Murder rate merging, up and down virgins
Guess you gotta play street versions of a surgeon
Keep beat bursting, closing down all your curtains
When shit don’t go right, gotta question your purpose
Denim with them serpents coming back to surface
EBT, zero balance, worthless
You either leave in limousines or them hearses
Too much bad blood, another problem emerges
You started the problem you motherfucking deserved it