Presssure Pressure Pressure


When You Sitting at the Tip

 Still kickin’ flav’, got my swag on turn up
Came with a zip, let the whole thing burn up
All I know, get dough, keep it pimpin’
Taught me that in ’85, never learned nothin’ different
All I see is haters in my rear view
Millions in my windshield, got a clear view
I trained myself, go deaf for a broke nigga
That way when you’re talkin’ I don’t hear you

Mystikal Mind

Ouh Kill em Like That

I’m Lil Wayne with no ceilings
Can’t change up I got change up
I got shit locked and they chained up
Bout 20 goons and they aimed up
Bitch, play with me, you get banged up
I’m in this Lambo
Artillery like Rambo
Don’t fuck with me, I’m prime time, don’t get your whole show cancelled
Everythang gotta do get tuned in, tell ’em hoes I’m on now
This whip might do bout 200, tell ’em hoes I’m gone now

Thuggin ain’t Nothin to Me

You talk it I do it, don’t make no excuses
Play with me boy that AK we be shootin’
You pussy protecting, I’m paper pursuing
Somewhere in the A, I’m hanging with Booke
Doin’ my thang
If a nigga lookin’ for me bet I’m beatin’ him to it
Feel pain when I shot him, I’m beatin’ him through it


B.o.B Presents: No Genre The Label


gangsters, pimps, and hoes


Now what the fuck is an ounce? We smokin’ bout an LB
We don’t even do the nine, sell it by the whole ki
And I’ma take this shit to trial, they got nothin’ on me
They be on the Champagne, bitch, I’m ’bout to OD