Fuck Out my Face


In The Meantime


That’s The Motto

Smoking weed out of bags
That’s the way I stay up
22 pounds of cash
Do the Macarena

Fuck what they think, just keep giving it up to me
And it’s a hard job I understand
When you become fly just do not land
Stay up


Let me Get my Vibe Right

Shoutout to my old school players
Where all my new school fools?
I know some let that deuce deuce shoot
I know some tryin’ to move through school
See it’s different strokes, different folks
Some niggas let pistol blow, some niggas don’t
A few might be dripped in gold, some niggas broke
That’s why hard is the only way I go!

Mon€y is a MUST to Us

Need 1 hunnit a show so we can fly on a jet
Fuck wit you girl you always ready for sex
Keep my honest game, and let the money invest
Nigga I’m gonna die for my fuckin’ respect