In the Mirror there’s a Hero


Speak to the Lord 🙏

Let ’em Know


I went from the trenches to cool
A mill ain’t enough for my crew
I put a brick on a brick
Then I put bricks on my wrist
I put a brick on my chain
Then I had fucked up the game
After I fucked up the game
Went and bought me some cocaine
Cocaine it right on my neck
And that shit come with a Tec
And that shit came with a house
What all the hate is about
I put the hate with the hate
Then I got snakes on a snake

#Sunday : The Frequency

Kung Fu: Wild World of Snort

It all started from my wrist
Woo, I kept it snowing through the blitz

God, cross promoting in the fashion world
Shit I got Adidas selling bricks

Rolled to the wrist flow, poppin’ like Crisco
We was buying Macklemore, cooked it in the Klitschko
Counter-clockwise my wrist go

Baauer’s debut album Aa (Double A) is due out on March 18th.

Sauced Up

El Camino With The Seat Low

Henny Mixed With Dirty Sprite

And we still strapped in case you niggas want status
Still ballin’, still mackin’
Niggas ain’t a 100, he 60/40
We 50/50, that’s automatic
My niggas got open cases
Bitch niggas got watches and bracelets
And cee-lo, I never throw aces
Don’t give a fuck about races
Pray that my niggas come out of the FEDs
Shout to my niggas who dead
We got the stripes
All I got is my real niggas for life

War Pain