#TUT : Wanna Go To The Bar ?


Coward Hearted Individuals Never eXist


Nigga due to all my circumstances
Had no choice but roll the dice, had to take them chances
Till my homies leave the can they just tuna fish
No money yours, it’s for the fam, just get through the shit
Youngins dying nowadays dressed up in the ghetto
The struggle up out the system, these crackers turn you to Gepetto
I’m loading up in that hoopty to catch a 187
I flipped and got me a Rolex, preacher got the same Bezel
What the fuck, some nights I couldn’t sleep cause Satan woke me up
Been through shit that make you cry, have you choking up
Find yourself in the darkest places loading them nines
Tryna grip your mind, searching, you search what you find
Came up with jack shit up out that wishing well
Left with this black skin and a digital scale
I pray I be ok when I grow up a little bigger
If I don’t, tell my babies daddy was a real nigga

Get Down or Lay Down

I’m all papers, I heart paper
No sharp paper, better get the point
‘Cause I’m point-shaven with a sharp razor
Get buck like a horse stable
Too street smart, I’m a geek, I put my niggas on they feet
So if we fall it be that lean, that make a nigga fall asleep
I can’t see none of you niggas, and I can see the future man
Where you going?

My Flow

That’s when my man Denaun Porter ran behind me to pantomime
That if you want to kick his ass, stand in line
Hands inside my pants as I fantasize, taking it bandage of
Brandy and Janet by grabbing my Spanish fly like a blind Hispanic guy
With his zipper stuck, give a fuck
It’s all part of my grand design
To get Amanda Bynes to come and blow me like a fucking dandelion


Haan !

I’ma ride with my dog off the rip
Talking brown bag, paper tag off the rip
Shawty came through, bent it over off the rip
Dope boy back, popping tags off the rip, nigga off the rip
Started from the block, dirty money off the rip
Cut a shark fin, talking money off the rip
Walk up on the dealer, a hundred fifty off the rip
My dog came home, buck fifty off the rip

‘bout to go Gucci Mane !!!


Get down or lay down
Shoot everything up but a school or a playground
Run shit like a Greyhound
I’m in here, now who let the Devil in?
I ain’t been taking my medicine
My trigger finger ain’t never been hesitant
I am your ruler, no measurements




Do it X I’m up X Troubled man’s lullaby




Wednesday Playlist


Elijah Blakes’s debut album, Shadows & Diamonds is out June 23rd 


The muthafuckin’ land, get it straight, boy you will get scraped
Bitch I’m from the muthafuckin’ land of the apes, get the fuck out my face (bitch)
Everywhere I go, I’m puttin’ on, Everywhere I go, I’m blowin’ strong