Can You Pass the Test?

Triple 6 on my coffin, I dance with the devil
Came back with a vengeance, Christ off the hinges
I’m nice with the spit kid, twice as much vicious
Psycho-active, I’m on a mission
Electric KoolAde, Make your decision

Friday Eve Playlist


Submerge your Crown

Niggas run they mouth but they never this eloquent
I’m high-definitely so you bet she always represent me
She wanna kick it with the Beast Coast relatives
Pockets full of white excellence
Says she tryna jiggy with combo black nemesis
‘Cuz we got bars and got it locked in these sentences

Stone like a Brick

Hennessey and Coke in the cup
And Pierre got me the weed and the Rizlas
I’m gonna smoke my spliff ’til it gets to the roach and it burns my fingers
Watch the rude boy spit now
Musical chairs make a man sit down
Any size, little rave or a big crowd
Somebody’s gonna die here like Chris Brown
Picture me broke in the hood on the run from the police, up to no good
Driving with no license, two packs in the passenger seat, looking like Suge

Enter the Rap: 36 Sessions