Like a Bongo




Shawn Carter was born December 4th
Weighing in at 10 pounds, 8 ounces
He was the last of my 4 children
The only one who didn’t give me any pain when I gave birth to him
And that’s how I knew that he was a special child



The Art of Duality

Raised up deep in the beast
Had a first hand see to the war in the streets
Rely on gripping the heat
And they multiply by getting them kids
That’s why I’m speaking for peace
Cause niggas be dying over the beef
But please don’t fuck with the gods
You gon’ be surprised by what you gon’ get

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Gangsta’s Paradise

Bruce Washington Jr. (1977-2015)
Bruce Washington Jr. (1977-2015)


That’s my only weakness, I love my niggas. — Hussein Fatal

Spray ’em 50


50 fear no man, warrior, swing swords like Conan
Picture me, pen in hand writing lines knowing the Source’ll quote it
When I die, they’ll read this and say a genius wrote it
I grew up without my pops, should that make me bitter?
I caught cases I copped out, does that make me a quitter?
In this white man’s world I’m similar to a squirrel
Looking for a slut with a nice butt to get a nut
If I get shot today my phone’ll stop ringing again
These industry niggas ain’t friends, they know how to pretend


.357 to your Mouth, Blaaow!!


As I jump on stage, flip rip a show
Strip and rip a ho, wayyy like Bo
Jackson while I’m still taxing maxing
Relaxing sitting back, silly attraction
Again and again when I rock the jam
Wanna see em up in the air, throw up your hand
Introducing one-man band in town