Put my Life in Reverse

Take our culture, our blueprint
Pay the knockoff to come model us
Hurricanes come and swallow us
Opp niggas tryna put the dot on us
We pourin’ Henny, cause we all bottled up
Granny said, “Scratch ya lottos up”
But the bible says it goes full circle
I’ma tryna find me a good purpose


#WorkHard #PlayHarder

Focus on women then you get less done
Its light work flow its heavy like a wet sponge
Im gettin rich cause I think being broke is less fun
Celebratin Fathers day everyday so dont get sonned
Where you tryna go im ready
Pick any place in the world the dough is comin in steady
Im chillen out with T and Jay and Nico
My city ain’t a city that support they own people
But I run it you say something about it, I doubt it