Fall or Fly ?

Heal my soul
Fulfill my high
Cross my heart
And hope to die
With my slice of Devil’s pie


4 Your Eyez Only

Welcome to the Sheltuh, this is pure
We’ll help you if you’ve felt too insecure
To be the star you always knew you were
Wait, I think police is at the door

Thought for my revolutionary heart

“Look at the power, but you know what power does to man
Corruption always leads us to the same shit again
So when you talk about revolution dawg, I hear just what you saying
What good is taking over, when we know what you gon’ do
The only real revolution happens right inside of you (…)”


Word To Selassie, I’m Zonin’

Got old niggas tryna bite cause they can’t capture
The feeling from days ‘fore the game passed ’em
Niggas out here lookin’ like a bunch of Dame Dash’s
Nicorette, that’s patchwork
That ain’t better than your last work
Cigarette, let the ash burn
Omen said don’t worry ’bout the last word
I’ma hit the gas swerve on ’em…

Bitches Know I’m A Fiend

Hov told me D’evils
Got the best of him then, they get the best of me now
Without a Reasonable Doubt

When nigga’s acting irrational, hard to reason it out
I had to kick down the doors, I had to leave a few out
Door mat

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Too High To Riot

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No Such Thing…

It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success
Hear my words or listen to my signal of distress
I grew up in the city and though some times we had less
Compared to some of my niggas down the block man we were blessed
And life can’t be no fairytale, no once upon a time
But I be God damned if a nigga don’t be tryin’

Cozz à Effet

Now a days a nigga looking like a living blessing
I’m living better
Hoes getting clever better hide your wallet
Stash shit and watch it, got you a smash and its dash
But she got her hands in your bags
Causing weight loss to your pockets I guess
Nowadays I’m looking like a target, Fuck a blessing I keep the bible by my side

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