Smile and Slay



“We have to deal with the fact that there are two standards of justice in this country...”  Van Jones (environmental advocate, civil rights activist, and attorney)


“The police always come up with the same thing. It’s like a standard script that they teach at police university 101: always say there is a threat, always say that he reached for your gun, and then say he wrestled for your gun(…)This is an epidemic in the various communities of the U.S. and unless somebody sees it with their own eyes, this is what’s so crazy about it, they will not believe that this is possible.” Mark Geragos (Criminal Defense Attorney)


Back to the Future II, just became the present

What the movie got right:

– Video Glasses
– Pollution
– Biometrics
– Robot Gas Stations
– Computers & Technology
– Dehydrated food
– Drones
– Body Obsession
– Large Screens
– Holographic Billboard
– Smart Clothing

What the movie got wrong :

– The end of Lawyers
– Self lacing shoes