Put my Life in Reverse

Take our culture, our blueprint
Pay the knockoff to come model us
Hurricanes come and swallow us
Opp niggas tryna put the dot on us
We pourin’ Henny, cause we all bottled up
Granny said, “Scratch ya lottos up”
But the bible says it goes full circle
I’ma tryna find me a good purpose


Timbaland + Tink In That Tinted Range

Parasailing when I’m out of town
Dogs with me no Charlie Brown
Biting hoes getting exposed cause they couldn’t make it with their own sound
You the middle man and I am the plug
Right now fuck a next up
Rap niggas keep sneakdissing like Tekken they gon’ catch one
Pear nigga can’t come here light him up like he Time Square

Hopefully We Can Go To Heaven

Cause every time I come around I can tell you be looking at me
And I can tell you be wondering if I’m really loving what I see
It’ll be wrong, if we get along, because I know me
But still I try and be strong, say “b keep your G on”, but she ain’t tryna hear me
She ain’t tryna hear me, she ain’t tryna hear me