Like a Bongo


No Rest In The Dark


Haan !

I’ma ride with my dog off the rip
Talking brown bag, paper tag off the rip
Shawty came through, bent it over off the rip
Dope boy back, popping tags off the rip, nigga off the rip
Started from the block, dirty money off the rip
Cut a shark fin, talking money off the rip
Walk up on the dealer, a hundred fifty off the rip
My dog came home, buck fifty off the rip



We On Some Out of Space $hit

Niggas talk shit, yo kill the yapping
Word is bond baby, tell me how you look so smashing
Now I got your head hurt, you need an aspirin
Bashin your head in the wall, time for some action
If you want a small piece well here’s a fraction
Of shit that will bust your head quick, peep the transaction
Of how we keep motherfuckers constantly crashing
They flyest whips, think no shifts, now whose the champion?