Me I Like them Ratchet Bitches


4AM Flex

Can You Pass the Test?

Triple 6 on my coffin, I dance with the devil
Came back with a vengeance, Christ off the hinges
I’m nice with the spit kid, twice as much vicious
Psycho-active, I’m on a mission
Electric KoolAde, Make your decision

Mobflix + Chill

God father , good fella
I start moving in way before the movie end
This the part when they wack the boss
Now come over here and wack a boss
Dinner at Carbone
Its kinda heavy on the carbs though
Veil and S-cargo
The bill look like a car note
Mafioso told her call me Mafiloso – Nu Gambino (ft Jazzy)



Shawn Carter was born December 4th
Weighing in at 10 pounds, 8 ounces
He was the last of my 4 children
The only one who didn’t give me any pain when I gave birth to him
And that’s how I knew that he was a special child



Dead Presidents

You wasn’t there when we needed your help so we good
They wouldn’t do it, I did it myself now we good
Sorry my nigga can’t buy what you selling, we good
I heard that my ex asking ’bout me, just tell her we good
Pouring some D’usse inside of my cup & some OG inside of B Wood
Blowing on hookah, some good girls is here but I swear they not here to be good
That boy from Brooklyn they want what he cooking they heard that his recipe good