Fuck Out my Face


Sauced Up

Love Over Riches and Death


Out in Europe with my comrades
I was smokin’ dime bags, lookin’ at the time pass
I’m tryna get money like Comcast
I’m tryna hit Keke with a bomb bag
I done seen every kinda bill
I’m a 16 from a deal, I’m a 16 from a will
My niggas 16, trippin’ over pills, steady gunnin’ for the kill
Boost the murder rate, boost the murder rate
Shots in the vertebrae, new young Curtis say
Tell me how that shit feel, young boss I’m a big deal

N.o W.ay O.ut


Fuck the law, nigga, crime pays
Can’t tax dirty money
Thank the Lord for dirty money
Man, I used to be dead broke
Now my bank full of dead folks
Get the Benjis for my brothers
Grants for the bills and the Jacksons to my mother