Dirty Ba$tard$


Back On The Bulls***



Always Strive And Prosper

Two-seater got me lookin’ all clumped, hit a nigga wig on sight
Serve a nigga mom off work, I’ma get it so high, I’m Christ
Nigga, ball so hard like Mike, I could whip that bitch like Ike
I can fuck your bitch off hype, pink ring, got bling all right
How a hot nigga rock this ice? 14, almost got that strike
14, almost did that time, 14, had a 905
Clip small, but the shit shoot fine
Shoot a spine, make a nigga recline
Start sparkin’, a nigga go blind, G Ride, hoppin out of Nissans


Waiting Here to Find the Sign


Rolling do, hitting switches, rolling dishes, blowing kisses
To the bitches, hold the biscuits, whats the business
Beat the system, co-defendants
Blow the symptoms, go to prison
Go to church, pray to father lord forgive us
And only God can judge me
And he don’t like no ugly
I look so fucking good most dykes’ll fuck me buddy
Yeah I’m a piece of shit
I know I plead the fifth


Auntie sayin’ turn it down, or she finna call the cops
We be plottin’ on the ops, she the one who got the drop
Just a free, quick fix, to the A and it’s okay
They gon’ take me back to my old ways
I was tryna chill, poppin’ seals ever since I got a deal
Kick it with my model chick
Sip Cris, fuck niggas wanna diss
Now I gotta let ’em know whose really trill


Hood Pope from The Hungry Ham

asap fergYou the son of a bitch nigga, your daddy a broad
You a bitch, little bitch nigga, probably wearing bras