Throw up a jet life or peace sign, and then an Eastside,
Stare in the mirror turn the lights out and say my name three times
And I appear through the smoke
Andretti, Andretti, Andretti in the Nissan



Shoe Me (NBA Edition)


It’s finally here ! The 2014-2015 NBA Season officially gets underway on the 28th. Can’t wait, I’m sooooooooooooow excited.

Lebron leading the Cavs to a title ? peut-être, but I don’t think so. Kobe will be playing his 19th season, hope those knees hold up? Carmelo ” Most underrated superstar” Anthony will have so many of us rooting for him once again only to be left disappointed at the end, pourquoiiiiiiiiii ? Dwayne oh Dwayne, no Shaq, no Lebron, no problem, Luol Deng is as good. Or is he? Will The Spurs be able to repeat with the SAME team? Remember, Duncan is 38, Parker is 32, Ginobili is 37, Splitter will be 30, Diaw is 32, Bonner is 34 (they’re so old I just forget about them, this team reminds me of Chelsea FC circa ’96-2000). How will Durant’s absence (6-8 weeks) affect the Thunder ? Lance Stephenson gone, Paul George breaking his leg (after showing his support to Ray Rice…karma, karma, karma, she sure is a beyotch !!!) did anyone have a worse summer than the Indiana Pacers ? Which team will make a surprise playoff appearance? What antics are we going to see from the players this year?

I obviously don’t have the right answer to any of theses questions  but thanks to Ronnie Price,  I can give you an idea about the type of behavior we can expect from our beloved players.