Holy Trinity

“All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don’t break them for no one.” — Tony Montana


The Prodigal Son

Do you remember back on the east side?
When all of us niggas used to love to ride
We didn’t care what we did
Time was nothing to us, we were just kids
Times are different now, but you still get stuck
I’m not a kid no more, I just don’t give a fuck
So if you think you really wanna step to me
Keep this is mind: nobody does it better than me


Wake up Early, Trapping Late

25 lighters, gotta pocket full of stone
Don’t call my phone, if you’re not a yellow-bone
I’m an H-town nigga, so I need extra dome
Keep a duece of the screw, double cup, styrofoam
Drop a lot of Molly, cause I get it by the key
For the sherm heads got the PCP
My boys goin’ pop I ain’t talkin’ Backstreet
My guns goin’ pop and the bullets “in sync”