Cashmere Chains

 /ˈkaSHˌmir,ˈkaZHˌmir/ CHānz/


Its essence rooted in a golden cage existence provided by the lottery of life, the creative spirit desires to break free from its confines and make its mark. A golden compass for sole companion, it sets out to navigate the uncharted realm of dreams to capture the prize and spread the wealth. As the seductive embrace of Fear and Doubt grows strong with every pearl of sand trickling down the glass, will the promise of freedom be forever lost in the meanders of life?

                                 “I talk jewels and spit diamonds
                                Caviar and silk dreams, my voice is linen”

#Meandmyhomegirl are both trying to figure out how to be accomplished adults
#Meandmyhomegirl are the middle child
#Meandmyhomegirl met in senior year (the year we usually meet people we wish we met earlier) then reconnected 7 years later
#Meandmyhomegirl dare to dream bigger
#Meandmyhomegirl love to read
#Meandmyhomegirl enjoy going for late night joyrides
#Meandmyhomegirl Communicate just by looking at each other
#Meandmyhomegirl have a zero tolerance policy towards Boys who want to be taken for men
#Meandmyhomegirl hate licorice
#Meandmyhomegirl are Beyoncé stans
#Meandmyhomegirl you join us or die (Darth Vader voice)
#Meandmyhomegirl eat cake in the middle of the night
#Meandmyhomegirl play “who would you rather?”
all the time
complete each other.

Just two chicks on their grind. Think of this as our hangout spot, but you get to sit in on it too. So, sit back, relax and come chill with cashmere baby! #SupportTheMovement


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