Queen Conscious

” I am not made with heaven sent. I am not one without my flaws I am not praised, ordained, adored. Who am I to be a hero? Who am I to not? “

I used to say to myself ‘man, I don’t think I can do this’ and till this day I still have those doubts. So before I started out I had to sit myself down and say, ‘what is the one thing I said I would never be’ and that was great. So I put it at the end of my name! Crazy right? Speaking things into a reality. It’s a daily reminder as having it next to my name, that greatness is reachable.

HERoes is about finding the gifts and talents within ourselves and nurturing them, to grow. We need to stop putting people on a pedestal, and fully grow. I went from an audience member to an artist in a few months. It’s about being your own hero and to stop putting people on pedestals. Make your own reality by wearing your gifts and talents on your cape. 🙌🏾


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