Nu Africa 🙌

I found utopia in Ethiopia
I gotta be with beautiful women, I got a phobia
But my side ho from Morocco
And I got another chick in Nairobi ’cause…
Nu Africa
I look like Fela Kuti when I’m rollin’ up
Prolly ’cause all the groupies show me love
Nu Africa
I’m on my way down to Cape Town
They say that’s a young nigga’s playground
I met this chick from Mali in the party
She said she took a molly in the party
Man I swear her titties were so big
I said, “Pardon me, but who let Dolly in the party?”
Magic Johnson built some condos in the Congo
Kanye built a mall out in Senegal
Turn the Rwanda to a five star, witness, aww
Chillin’ in Angola with a skinny little Guinea broad
Somewhere in her 20s and she get my little Jimmy hard
‘Cause her whole physique is unique
She petite, plus her daddy is the king of Mozambique
When I met him, he had on that new Patek Phillipe
Took a seat
Everything kosher like Jewish meat
My mystique got her intrigued in disbelief
And she speak 6 different languages including Greek
And I love the way her booty cheeks move to the beat
I’m Prince Akeem
And you must be my queen-to-be
Just think of playin’ golf off the gulf of Guinea beach
Somewhere in Cameroon rollin’ plenty tree
And a bunch of beef stew, yeah we don’t do no Mickey D’s


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