I should be the one that you choose
But I’m in a different mood
I’m rolling around breaking rules
Snakes in my head like Medusa
Dammit I thought that I knew ya
But you were just showing me crew love
So I hesitate with the new love
Cause I’m just afraid I could lose it all

I could do a million good things, you only see me when I fall, damn
But that’s just how it is, that’s just how we live
They might shut me down, might give me a kiss
And you know it feels some type of way
Cause you know that my heart gon’ break
It feels some type of cool
When you’re out here on your own
But that’s just how it is, that’s just how we live

Sometimes I think everyone judging me
Sometimes I think everyone loving me
Sometimes I think everything bugging me
Sometimes I think nobody fuck with me
Is you fuckin’ with me just to fuck with me?
Why you hit me all of the suddenly?
Asking me shit like what’s up with me
So you can say you keep in touch with me
Damn, if that’s how it is
I don’t want no friends, I just want a Benz
Haters in my crosswalk just to be a fence
Blowing lames off, now they blowing in the wind
This remind me of way back then
Said I’d never make it way back then
They was hella jaded way back then
Hella jaded way back then, fall

Tiara Thomas


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