Shoutout to All of this Ganja


I came up from Flatbush, I made it on my own
Now we established, smoke one to the dome
It’s a new chapter, pages to my soul
Got to keep one eye open and stay on yo toes
My nigga play yo role
Really pop up on a nigga block-a
If he think he harder cause a nigga conscious
Got to keep a choppa, just to cease the nonsense
But we fight for peace, know that the kids are watching
Known to keep it G always, I’m Joseph Stalin wildin’
Chased my dreams homie, now money pilin’, halle
Hallelujah, spit that embalming fluid
Told ’em karma sutra, gave her body bruises
If you want it I got it, one quick maneuver
Try to diss the rulers, we got distance shooters



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