So today I turn 27 , guess I should feel uber excited and all but I definitely am not. So many (maybe too many) questions popping in my head and no answers: Zero, zip, zilch, nada . However my hours of self introspection weren’t in vain, I figured that I may be sad right now at this moment but I shouldn’t be … Here’s a list of 27 pieces of advice I give myself

  1. 27 is harsh but i’m going to embrace it
  2. Do ME more
  3. Listen to my inner voice
  4. Embrace who I am
  5. Take responsibility for my actions
  6. Put my relationship with THE BIG MAN before anything
  7. Consider negativity by  others as dog piss
  8. Not be afraid of a helping hand
  9. Try being a better friend
  10. Try being an even better daughter/sister
  11. Put money into my savings account
  12. Try talking with a more elaborate vocabulary in french & in english
  13. Be fearless (get out of my comfort zone)
  14. Trust my instincts
  15. Prioritize
  16. Put an end to procrastinating (my laundry pile is out of control)
  17. Take better care of my stuff
  18. Stop “snoozing” (the snooze button is definitely ruining my life) and get myself out of bed when the alarm rings
  19. Stop drinking just for the sake of drinking (Hangover??? I’ll pass  but go ahead my friends, have fun !!!)
  20. Stop talking to buffoons
  21. Have no regrets
  22. Reflect regularly
  23. Find my passion
  24. Be honest with myself & others
  25. Communicate better
  26. Act my age (been feeling 25 for the past two years . please don’t ask me where 26 went)
  27. Hurry…30 is REAL

– Marly


One thought on “27”

  1. 30 is real but at the moment you don’t feel it! But trust me 35 is really real because 40 is the end of hope! You start living like you got nothing to lose anymore… You become the social case first for yourself and then you appear to be unhappy in your life I mean people can see it even if you try to hide it. I’m not telling my age but I don’t feel the time but the time keeps going on and I will surely wake up on my bday ! For the moment there’s no better place than my bedroom! Thinking about my all life! I don’t wanna die but I’m not living! Tell me do you think behind all generations there is a “no hope ” generation or gender ?


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