Put my Life in Reverse

Take our culture, our blueprint
Pay the knockoff to come model us
Hurricanes come and swallow us
Opp niggas tryna put the dot on us
We pourin’ Henny, cause we all bottled up
Granny said, “Scratch ya lottos up”
But the bible says it goes full circle
I’ma tryna find me a good purpose


Love You but Fucking Hate You

I’m not racist, I never lied
But I know there’s a disconnect between your culture and mine
Yeah, I praise 2Pac like he was a fuckin’ god
He was fighting for his life way before he fuckin’ died, nigga, die nigga!
And all you care about is money and power
And being ugly and that’s the cracker within you
Hatred all in your brain, it slowly start to convince you
And then you teach it to your children until the cycle continue