56 Nights

People didn’t even understand that my hard drives that I recorded all my music on for two years straight was on this… was on this one hard drive that Esco had and he was locked up with it so I had to record new music. That’s when I did Beast Mode
Everything in the streets, it prepared me for everything that I’m going through right now. The good and the bad, you know what I’m saying? Can’t let none of this shit get to me. I go harder cause I know where I was at, and I know where I wanna go

You Gonna Have to Do More


Cut Me a Check to Stop

Niggas writing for you cause you know you never did shit
When I threw that hook out, I was tryin’ to catch a big fish
We the type of niggas to tie your mother up
Fuck your sister in the ass and hit your brother up, pussy
You really sweet, I call you buttercup
You fucking dork you changed the style because you studied us
Coming with the same flow
Switching up your lingo
We just want a refund, this ain’t what we paid for
Every time that we come, we get what we came for
Spitting another niggas shit, but you claim you king though?


No Hook

On a tour with J Cole I ain’t make a dollar a show
Don’t fucking talk to me about paid dues
Don’t chalk my success up to Kanye influence
Nigga, I made U Mad before I met dude ass
That’s no disrespect that’s my nigga you knew that
But mother fuckers always act like I ain’t prove that
I been killing these niggas since my high school raps
On my cop killer shit like ice T back
With a Roc-A-Fella lim and a little black panther
A side of Shakur mixed in with Fred Hampton
And there you have it kid now, “Can I Live”?