Back On The Bulls***


Inside The Vibe – Audio Push


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Got Me Walking Like Oswald Cobblepot

Henny Mixed With Dirty Sprite

And we still strapped in case you niggas want status
Still ballin’, still mackin’
Niggas ain’t a 100, he 60/40
We 50/50, that’s automatic
My niggas got open cases
Bitch niggas got watches and bracelets
And cee-lo, I never throw aces
Don’t give a fuck about races
Pray that my niggas come out of the FEDs
Shout to my niggas who dead
We got the stripes
All I got is my real niggas for life

War Pain


Views From The 6

I’m just a sicko a real sicko when you get to know me nigga
I let the diss record drop, you was staying right below me, nigga
We must have played it a hundred times, you was going to bed

Why would I put on a vest I expect you to aim for the head?
I coulda killed you the first time
You don’t have to try to say it louder nigga
Trust, we heard you the first time

It’s nothing personal I would have done it to anyone

Sunday Chill: Day + Night


No Such Thing…

It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success
Hear my words or listen to my signal of distress
I grew up in the city and though some times we had less
Compared to some of my niggas down the block man we were blessed
And life can’t be no fairytale, no once upon a time
But I be God damned if a nigga don’t be tryin’

Beggin’ + Pleadin’