Whole Lot of Flavor

Life is a Dominatrix waiting for shit to pollinate
To make you mind your mistakes
Keeping my chin down, nose clean, with my guards up
Charged up ‘cause this ghetto got me scarred up
Yes, I’m the child with the crookedest smile
Look at my foul, look at what the star bucks
You can’t swim if you don’t paddle
Wake up in the morning with my nose to the gravel
Bloodhound, for that federal reserve note
That’s when I noticed the switch niggas just turned coats
It’s the way of the world, carry the weight of the world
Carry a blade too, for they forsake you

Saturday afternoon in my backyard

Stay Ghost

You said, ‘Skepta next year I don’t want to see any of the man dem on the block’
Said that he’s gonna make me proud, tracksuit mafia straight to the top
Said when the money comes then all the man dem are setting up shop
Told me man are gonna be smiling, told me champagne gonna pop

I can’t take these niggas
Who the fuck raised these niggas?
Don’t know a thing about working hard
Nobody gunna give play or pay these niggas
Yes I come from the streets
But man’s tryna make them Jay Z figures

Retarded Alligator Beats


The Captain because I lead by example
Alone smoking wax in a room full of candles
Haitian lady, polka dot with the needle
Ayo, the bitch kind of resembles Don Cheadle
I’m like a blonde Seagull, twist the rubies in my aunt’s regal
Drinking Parmesan, watching Home Alone
Even when I’m home alone, I always hold the chrome
Cause they come from out of nowhere, trying to pull your cord
They flee off in a blue-ish Ford, put two in the door
Never ruin the raw