Bigger than the Bigger Picture



This is for the Hatred in You

Fuck what you heard, this shit is revolutionary
Fuck what you heard, this is the last illusion, bury
Me with the nerve and ninety-five marksmen
So I can shoot this game until my trigger finger jam
I see red flag, I see blue flag
I pick a color, then make sure I don’t give you a pass
You call it gang violence, you call it livin’ mad
I called it life, but now I’m like, ‘I fuckin’ hate it bad’
And so we holler, ‘Fuck what you heard
See, we been down for too long
Fuck what you heard, we been tired of doin’ wrong
If you got the nerve to man up and kill a man
Then man up double time and shake that adversary’s hand, bang


Before I Turn the Lights Out

Can I tell you what I think my biggest flaw is, baby?
I try to be consistent, but I can’t
Can I have an honest moment wit’ you right now, baby?
Tell me who the fuck you want to be
Can I get an honest answer from you right now, baby
Cause all we ever talk about is me
Can I before I turn the lights out
‘Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be



Baby you could be a movie star, hey (in Los Angeles)
Get yourself a medical card, 
Cause that’s how California rolls
They do the fingers like Redd Foxx (in Los Angeles)
You can make it on a light blue box, 
Cause that’s how California rolls, yeah

Twelve More Reasons To Die

I calmly approach them with the burner
When they realized the real live G was about to serve em
60 pieces blew through his jaw, closing his curtains
Now it’s total chaos, the people running for they lives
The other cocksuckers tried reaching for their hammers
But they was slow on their draw so I blammed em
Taking they tops off like convertible dry burgundy phantom
They say the taste revenge is sweet, well let me see
Prepare the table for a feast, take a seat, and let’s eat




Remember when you tried to write me off?
Remember when you thought I’d take a loss?
Don’t you remember? You thought I would need yah
Follow procedure, remember? Oh wait you got amnesia
It was my season for battle wounds, battle scars
Body bumped, bruised
Stabbed in the back; brimstone, fire jumping through
Still, all my life, I got money and power
And you gotta live with the bad blood now